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Business Tobacco Supply (BTS) is a company formed in 1986 by managers who have been in the tobacco industry.

The company has representative rights of several tobacco related leading companies. We deal in several markets like Europe, South America, North Africa, Sub Saharan and several markets in East Asia.

An highly specialized team with over 25 years of expertize made an accurate material selection and created a consolidated worldwide network of partners. This network allows us to offer a wide range of products and equipment.

Thanks to our strategic position (Bologna) in the so called “packaging valley” BTS Srl developed a great synergy with mechanical and packaging industry. We also supply laboratory equipment and special equipment for different tobacco processing.

Our team is trained to manage all the documentation necessary for bidding in big State Monopoly tenders as well as to help medium to small companies to start up, to find necessary materials and machines and to handle logistic problems of deliveries.
Technological innovation is one of our main targets and we have always been ahead of our times to follow technological innovations.

BTS Srl assists all its customers by suggesting the best product solutions, combining excellent quality and good prices. We take care of the logistics aspects of delivery, and we have great experience in the management of transport logistics.

We will be able to propose different transport solutions, by either land, sea or air, always choosing the carrier that can better guarantee quality, speed and good prices.

BTS Srl is finally able to provide consolidated shipments of materials, meaning that materials of different kinds and production origin can be loaded in the same container, according to the quantities and specifications requested by the customer. This service is very useful especially for companies such as start up, or small companies, where cash flow and production necessities do not allow the purchase of complete, dedicated containers for a single product.

BTS is a perfect partner for special projects like brand restyling or the study of a particular packaging. 


Be at your service with fast responses, high quality products, reasonable prices and research and development of innovative solutions.